Puppy stolen from Santa Clarita woman's home then sold on Craigslist

A Santa Clarita woman says her ex-boyfriend sold her puppy while she was at work.

Ashley Farley has filed a police report with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office after her dog was sold on Craigslist on June 11.

"So I am really worried about her, and I am just really hoping to be able to find her and bring her back home with me," said Ashley Farley.

Farley says she moved to Southern California from Reno Nevada to pursue her dream as a professional singer under the stage name Ashley Monet. She felt lonely without any friends or family nearby and decided to purchase a Pomeranian puppy named Ella as an emotional support animal.

"I have really bad anxiety and depression since I moved out here, that I have been dealing with, so I heard emotional support animals are a big help," said Farley.

According to Farley, while her out-of-state boyfriend was staying with her he sold her dog and then broke up with her.

"I have no idea [why]. He said I love you, how was work? Gave me a hug, I go upstairs, I come down stairs, and he tells me he sold my dog and breaking up with me and going back home," said Farley.

Farley tells FOX 11 that she is not upset with the breakup and does not want to press charges, she just wants her dog back.

"I really personally don't care what happens to him I just want my dog back, simple as that," said Farley.

Sheriff's detectives say the case is still under investigation.

Anyone with information is being asked to call police or Farley at 661-299-7861 or email ashleymonet1993@gmail.com.