Puppy dropped off at shelter stuffed in Cap'n Crunch cereal box needs a 'fur-ever' home

A little dog abandoned at a Riverside park and saved by a Good Samaritan is now likely one of the most popular puppies on the planet.

The image of the furball brought to the shelter crammed inside a Cap'n Crunch cereal box has gone viral.

The 9-week-old pup was found abandoned at Bryant Park in Riverside and was taken to Riverside County Animal Services infested with fleas, but after a medicated bath, she's as healthy as can be.

It's unknown why the rescuer chose a cereal box to bring her to the shelter.

Animal Services says phones have been ringing off the hook to adopt her. They expect crowds of people to show up when she's available. Despite her ordeal, Raspberry doesn't seem to be the least bit traumatized.

Animal Services says Raspberry will be available Saturday at 11 a.m. Shelter officials say this puppy will be adopted out of a lottery system to a qualified family.