Powerball: The Day After

There were three winners of Wednesday's record-breaking lottery. The winning tickerts were sold in Tennesee, Florida and California. Each winner would get $528 million dolllars each. In California, 12 people got 5 numbers out of 6 for $638,000 each.

No one has turned a winning ticket into the California Lottery offices, but there was a winning ticket in Chino Hills. It was sold at a 7-11 store. 7/11 owner Balbir Atwal was suddenly rich. As the seller of the winning ticket he's entitled to 1/2 of 1% of the jackpot up to a million dollars.

At Park Avenue Healthcare and Wellness Center in Pomona news crews lined up outside the center because there was word one of the nurses was the winner from Chino Hills.

David Levy, the administrator of the center, said there was great excitement in the place because the 62-year old registered nurse that was thought to have won had worked at the center a long time and was highly regarded. Reports started coming out that the report was a prank. Levy said if it was it was a "terrible joke".

Meanwhile, lots of people are a tad bummed on this day after thinking they could have been 1.5 billion dollars richer. Maybe next time!

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