Potholes in Los Angeles double in number because of rain

Motorcyclist Daniel Morris says it's gotten rough out there because of the increasing number of potholes.

He says at night it can really be bad because dark holes are hard to see.

Delivery Truck Driver Oscar Haro says it's challenging negotiating potholes and keep from such things as "breaking tires and losing control."

"It makes it hectic for us," Haro said. "Especially these big trucks. They're hard to stop."

Photographer Julio Duran and I went to Pothole Patrol. We found a lot. For some drivers, these tire breakers are good news to those who work in the tire business like Carlos Hernandez. He works at G & G Tire Company. They fix flattened tires or replace them with new ones.

He says recent rains have increased work at the shop.

Over the last three years to prevent things like tire problems, various state, county, and city agencies have spent a lot of money to fix our roads.

Los Angeles County Public Works has fixed an average of 2,100 Potholes in each of the last three years.

Officials with the LA Bureau of Street Services tells us recent rains have jacked up the numbers of requests for pothole repairs.

Greg Spotts is the Assistant Director of the Bureau of Street Services for the City of LA. He says that on any given day, the city might get 30 to 33 requests for pothole repair.

In December due to rains, the number was up to 45. With the recent rains, it has been 60 per day for the first eight days of 2017 - DOUBLE.

In Spring of 2014, Mayor Garcetti set a bar for pothole repairs being fixed to three days from the time of a request. As the number of potholes grows, Spotts say the goal is still to meet the three-day bar, but it may be harder.

Bottom line: as more rain comes this year, there could be more potholes that pop up.

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