Porter Ranch family says thank you to FOX 11 crew who helped save their home during Saddleridge Fire

A Porter Ranch family reached out to FOX 11 to say thank you after they saw video of one of our field crews helping extinguish flames at their home during live coverage of the Saddleridge Fire.

Reporter Bill Melugin and photographer Sam Dubin were in the 11000 block of Thunderbird Ave. when they spotted several spot fires burning on a property.

Melugin and Dubin used a garden hose to extinguish the flames, and the home made it through the fire with minimal damage.

The video eventually made its way to the DeGuzman family, who live in the home.

They reached out to FOX 11 and met with Melugin and Dubin Monday evening.

“We saw the video on twitter we saw you guys taking care of our home and we just couldn’t be more grateful for you guys thank you so much,” said Timothy DeGuzman.

“Just watching you guys kind of take it upon yourselves to really just put it out and do the best you can and all that was very much appreciated,” said Tara DeGuzman.

“It’s honestly still astonishing to me, I’m still in awe were all still in awe, that nothing more happened with how much was going on around you guys and the community.”