Police: Pizza delivery man shot, fires back at robber

A pizza delivery man is in the hospital after being shot on the job in Kingsessing, but police say he managed to fire back at the gunman.

It happened at about 7pm Monday near 5th and Yocum streets.

Tuesday morning, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross told FOX 29's Lauren Johnson the delivery man realized the call came from an abandoned area so he called back to his shop. Then, moments later, there was a gun at the 36-year-old's head. He tried to run but got shot twice, including once in his arm.

After that, the commissioner confirmed the victim shot back and this time, it was the robber who took off running and the victim drove himself to the hospital.

Now, police have the delivery man's gun. They're hoping a camera in the area could shed more light into the incident and help catch the gunman.

At this hour, we don't know the victim's condition or whether the robber was wounded.