Chase suspect ditches car, sneaks into partially-opened garage in Sunland

Officers are still searching for a police chase suspect after a driver led officers on a wild chase through Los Angeles County, eventually sneaking into a Sun Valley home through a partially-opened garage door.

Reports of the chase came in around 7:45 p.m. as police were chasing a stolen vehicle. Officers were seen what appeared to be a red Toyota Prius. The driver eventually made their way from San Fernando into the Pacoima area, reaching speeds upwards of 70 mph. It was in the Sunland area though, where cops nearly had the driver pinned.

The car came to a stop in the road — a closed metal barrier in front of them, officers behind. That's when the driver plowed the Prius through the barrier, completely smashing the car's windshield and hood.

But the driver continued, eventually making their way through Van Nuys, before getting onto the 405 Freeway. Images from SkyFOX showed the extent of the damage.

The driver stopped briefly at a red light in Van Nuys, where SkyFOX captured them leaning out of the window so they could see.

After taking the chase to the freeway, the driver went from the 405 to the 5 south, reaching speeds upwards of 100 mph. The driver then got off the 5 in the Sun Valley area, flying through a gas station on the freeway exit, and having to speed around a bus. On the surface streets, the driver got up to as fast as 90 mph.

The driver ditched the car in the Sunland area, after approaching another metal barrier, this time the gate of a community. The driver jumped out of the car and made a run for it through the neighborhood. Eventually the driver was able to sneak their way into a partially opened garage door. When officers found the home, the garage door opened, and someone, seemingly someone who lived there, came out.

Officers surrounded the home and were eventually able to take the suspect into custody.

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