Police searching for driver after wild 2 county chase

A driver led police on a wild chase through Orange and Los Angeles counties Wednesday after police arrested the car's original driver, and officials are still looking for her.

The Costa Mesa Police Department pulled over what was believed to be a stolen Audi around 10 a.m. Wednesday somewhere underneath the 55 Freeway. Police said a man got out of the car, and officers arrested him. But, while officers were taking that man into custody, a woman who was sitting in the passenger's seat hopped behind the wheel and drove off. The chase was on.

From there, the driver headed onto the Freeway and into LA County. The white Audi was seen hitting speeds upwards of 80 mph, and at times driving on the wrong side of the road on side streets.

The driver went into the carpool lane on the westbound 105 Freeway, weaving in and out of traffic. The driver then transitioned onto the northbound 110 Freeway in the southeast Los Angeles area.

The suspect got off the freeway and headed on to Manchester Avenue, in the direction of LAX, before getting back on the freeway.

The driver eventually reached the Hawthorne area, where she hit some traffic on the 105 Freeway before traveling on the shoulder to bypass other cars. Ground units eventually backed off the chase, because it was too dangerous. But, two residents said they saw the Audi and started chasing her.

"We were outside of our house, we heard it was coming through… the sedan passed us, so we hopped in our car, we followed it, she flipped a U-turn, and we followed her," said Yuriel.

"I'm shocked, because we were right behind her," said Chastity Figueroa. "And when we turned so that we wouldn't be right behind her, she's gone."

The driver had ditched the car.

Hawthorne police arrived a few minutes later, and found the car empty. Police are still searching for her.