'It's not a good feeling': Pilot, passenger unharmed after small plane lands on 91 Freeway in Corona

A small plane made an emergency landing on the 91 Freeway in Corona Tuesday afternoon. 

The plane was experiencing engine problems and made the crash-landing around 12:30 p.m. between Lincoln and Main Avenues. 

Pilot Andrew Cho told FOX 11 that because the plane was already low, there was no way to get to the airport. He said his only option was to turn the 91 Freeway into a runway.

"It felt like a hard bump; it's hard to describe really," Cho said. 

He and his passenger managed to escape uninjured, according to the Corona Fire Department. 

"It's not a good feeling. You lose power right before you're going to land. There's not a lot of options," Cho added.

Once the plane landed it caught fire, but crews managed to quickly put it out. The plane also collided into a pickup truck, but no one was injured in the vehicle. 

Cho says his success was a testament to how they are building planes today. It might also be a testament to his piloting skills.

Traffic on the 91 Freeway was backed up for miles. California Highway Patrol officers closed all eastbound lanes at Lincoln Avenue.