Patients mother finds hundreds of medical files intact in dumpster

Marianne Nies shows us the dumpster behind her son's former doctor's Long Beach office where she found hundreds of medical files Saturday--many dating back to the 90's .

"One of them was almost full and one of them was full from top to bottom with no debris just with files - patient charts," said Nies.

Charts--with very personal information out there for anyone to see.

"I found charts with diagnosis, his name, insurance company information, home numbers and address, social security," said Nies.

Then Monday afternoon, we found hundreds more in a third dumpster.

We wanted to know why..

FOX 11 reached out to two doctors whose names were spotted in the files.

Dentist Brett Beebe didn't immediately get back to us, but a short while later, we found him at the dumpster.

Beebe says he came after hearing patient files were found.

"We filled my car with charts," said Beebe.

He said he plans to shred them and didn't know there were more.

"We had our stuff down in archived charts in the basement and they totally cleaned the basement," said Beebe.

"THEY" meaning: property management.

We spoke to the property manager on the phone who said that since last year, she gave many warnings to tenants that the parking structure would be cleaned out. She figured doctors should know what's inside and how to dispose it.

It's now unclear how many files have not been found

"There's probably thousands and thousands cause there are a lot of doctors and dentists here," said Beebe.

The wife of another doctor Rafael Vergara got back to us. She says he hasn't worked at this location in two years.

They are concerned with the discovery.

And are shredding all the documents they find.

The State Medical Board said doctors have to destroy records. Not doing so is a breech and consequences could be as serious as revoking a license.

But someone - it does not have to be a patient - has to file a complaint.