Diary of Pasta Sisters matriarch containing handwritten Italian recipes stolen during robbery

A popular family-owned restaurant in Culver City was robbed over the weekend, with the thieves stealing a safe and a few thousand dollars in it. 

But it isn't the cash that the family's desperate to get back. 

It was something even more important - a piece of family history and the secret to their success.

"They took away a part of us. And they had no right to take it away from us."

Giorgia Sinatra gets emotional when describing the robbery that occurred at Pasta Sisters.

Very early Sunday morning, two masked men broke into the restaurant, stealing a safe and cash inside. But something much more precious than money was taken. 

Her Grandma Giovanna's diary was also stolen. Photos of the diary show the weathered pages of days gone by from decades ago. 

There are precious gems in every line from the family history in Italy to her signature Italian recipes.

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When Georgia realized the loss, she was rocked.

"I walked straight to the office and the safe was gone. And as soon as I saw the safe [was gone] I literally fell on my knees because the very first thing I thought was that diary. It was the only thing that really mattered inside the safe."

The family is so devastated over the loss of the matriarch's diary, they are offering a $5,000 reward to get it back.

"We really hope for a miracle and to get it back. No questions asked."

"It means a lot. It means a lot because it was a memory of my mom and something that I was keeping with me…. one of the few things that I took from Italy when they came here."

It's a family story, an immigrant story told in letters and tablespoons.

On Monday, the restaurant was open, the front doors secured by plywood.

Patrons of the restaurant expressed empathy for a piece of this family's story now missing.

Police continue to investigate and are looking over security video. 

Anyone with information is encouraged to call police.