Officials reveal software glitch that caused false emergency alert in Glendale

The cause of the software glitch that resulted in an emergency alert being sent out by the city of Glendale telling residents of Chevy Chase Canyon to evacuate was revealed Monday.

"After further investigation into the root cause of this error, it was determined that the program used to send out the messaging had restrictions our city staff was unaware of," said Solene Manoukian, Glendale community relations coordinator. ``This resulted in an override of the error notice, and the system defaulted to a countywide notification.

Manoukian also said city officials have taken steps to implement several safeguards and ensure that the error does not recur.

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The alert Saturday came when fire danger was increased by hot, dry weather while a 200-acre blaze that destroyed 20 homes was burning in Laguna Niguel in Orange County.