O.J. Simpson murder case: What happened to the 'bloody glove'

"If it doesn't fit you must acquit!" The famous quote from OJ Simpson attorney Johnny Cochran about the best known glove in legal history.

After almost a quarter century there are still scores of boxes of evidence from the case. One piece stands out... the glove!

With special permission from the LA District Attorney's office FOX 11 was allowed a close-up look at the glove.

In our video above you can see the condition of the glove preserved in the evidence lock-up. Preserved since Simpson was not convicted of the double murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.

There could be a someone out there who could be tried one day and the glove and other evidence could be needed.

Legal analyst Leo Terrell says half the people surveyed believe, "OJ did it. The other half don't." Most importantly a jury didn't.

In our video Terrell explains why that glove was the difference between acquittal for the famous football player and possible conviction.

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