NYC scooter shooter: Elderly man killed, 3 others hurt 'randomly'

One person is dead and multiple others were hurt Saturday after the New York Police Department said a man on a scooter went on a "random" shooting spree across multiple boroughs.

Police say in just 27 minutes the suspected gunman traveled to five locations, spanning Brooklyn to Queens. Two hours after the first attack, a 25-year-old was taken into custody. 

Police said the shooting started just after 11 a.m. in Brooklyn at Ashford Street and Arlington Avenue. A 21-year-old man was shot in the shoulder. 

Seventeen minutes later, the fatal gunfire rang out in Richmond Hill, Queens on Jamaica Avenue. 

Surveillance video captured the moment the suspect made a U-turn on Jamaica Avenue and 109th Street and appeared to target a person walking in the opposite direction before shooting. An 86-year-old man was hit and killed. 

Minutes later, police said the suspect – still on the scooter – randomly shot at a group of people but nobody was hit. 

Then, at 11:35 a.m. police said a 44-year-old man was shot in Queens. The bullet struck his cheek and he's in critical condition. 

Right after, a 63-year-old man was shot in the shoulder. He's hospitalized in stable condition. 

Shortly after 1 p.m., police spotted the person on the wanted scooter and took him into custody without incident. Police said the scooter was illegal and didn't have a license plate.

Police said on Saturday that all shootings appeared to be random.

The window of a beauty store near one of the shootings was completely shattered. One man working across the street at a supermarket said he saw one of the victims fall to the ground. 

Jamaica Avenue is a popular and busy street for businesses and pedestrians.

NYPD counterterrorism was blocking off several streets to traffic still in the late hours of the afternoon.

The investigation is ongoing and there is no known motive at this time.

Identities of the victims have not yet been given. 

Editor's Note: Police initially said the victim was 87 years old but have since corrected his age to 86.