Smash-and-grab robbers use hammers to steal $20K worth of perfume from Northridge Macy's

An investigation continues after authorities said a group of up to six smash-and-grab robbers allegedly stole $20,000 worth of perfume from Macy's at the Northridge Fashion Center. 

It happened just after 11 a.m. inside the mall located near Shirley Avenue and Prairie Street. 

According to police, between 5 and 6 men armed with hammers and wearing black-hooded sweaters committed the alleged robbery. 

They got into a black car, believed to be an Infiniti with no license plates, before leaving the scene, officials said. 


This comes just a month after the Los Angeles Police Department announced a Task Force dedicated to preventing smash-and-grab robberies. 

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No other information was immediately available.