Nike shifts priorities, using global reach to help people come together amid COVID-19 pandemic

How are global brands and businesses reacting during this pandemic? Some are trying to be a voice of social conscience to help during this trying time. 

Nike is using its global reach shifting priorities to help people come together since exercise is what millions of people around the world are turning to while staying at home.   

The global brand is using its digital platforms more than ever to help people stay connected and healthy.

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"People who ignored fitness before are now understanding now it’s important and sharing the moment with them," said Nike master trainer Kristy Godso. 

Free fitness apps like the Nike Training Cub and Nike Run Club have seen a huge spike in activity since the coronavirus outbreak. Godso said that making their premium workouts free was intentional to increase accessibility.

"It’s about movement. It’s the simple things we all miss — being outside and being able to move our bodies," she said.

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With a million new runners in March alone, and 40 percent more runs logged, women and younger runners also joined in bigger numbers since the start of COVID-19.

Godso helped launched a Saturday morning live YouTube workout with different master trainers as another way for people to feel connected.

"We are going to move together but apart. It’s been cool people show up for themselves in a new way," she said.