Nike faces backlash after abruptly pulling "Betsy Ross" American flag following Kaepernick complaint

Nike abruptly pulled an Independence Day-themed sneaker featuring an early American flag after former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick complained the shoes were offensive.

The Air Max 1 USA has the Betsy Ross 13-star American flag on it -- a flag Kaepernick says is connected to the era of slavery.

"I don't think Nike did the right thing. it's the Betsy Ross flag, I grew up in the Philadelphia it's history," said Tejas Vashi.

"I don't think they should let the influence of one person, even though they have a lot of clout, for being a sponsor influence all of their decisions," Justin Holmstead said.

The pulling of the shoe sparking an all too familiar political debate with Sen. Ted Cruz posting he will no longer purchase Nike Products with the hashtag #walkawayfromnike.

And Arizona's Governor Doug Ducey threatening to withdraw a million dollars in state incentives for the company.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom praised Nike for the move posting the state welcomes those who represent the best of our American values.

In Los Angeles, some people said Nike should have let the customers decide.

"I think they just continue to sell it. If people don't want to buy it, they don't want to buy it," said Samy Madali.

""I think that there needs to be some independence if Nike feels that this is going to sell and this is a big play in the market, I think Nike should go ahead and sell it and at the end of the day Colin Kaepernick kind of needs to roll with it. He signed with the company believes in their values."