NFL in LA: Economic Impact

If you talk to the folks who run the City of Inglewood, like Mayor James Butts, and the folks who are building the massive Rams stadium and entertainment complex, like developer Chris Meany, everything is good to go. It will be a world class facility, from the football stadium to an arts and entertainment center, to housing, to retail to office buildings, to parks, to walkways, to parking spaces galore, they promise.

No public money, local union hires (30 %), jobs training and diversity. There is what's called a ''project labor agreement " in place negotiated with at least 10 unions under the umbrella of the L.A. County Federation of Labor to hopefully preempt any labor related issues that might derail this multi billion dollar project.

We're talking about maybe 40, 000 jobs! Since everything those planning this ( for ten years ) have promised so far has actually happened, and the NFL has now selected this site after considering various proposals for only 20 years, do we have any reason to doubt them ? So far no. Inglewood's Mayor James Butts is a strong personality who supporters say is really really smart, and he has clearly spearheaded this from the beginning, and Rams owner Stan Kroenke has personal and family (Walmart) deep pockets that can most likely overcome any contingencies, not to mention the on the record support of his 31 fellow rich owners and the NFL itself.

Having said that, and being the cynics that many in the press are, everyone will be watching closely. So there's not much wiggle room here. Kickoff in the fall of 2019 ? See you there. Maybe.

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