New law bans puppy, kitty or bunny mill animals in California pet shops

Jesus Garcia looks like he's on the verge of tears as he kisses his dog goodbye. Inside LA County Animal Care and Control in Carson, he says, "I don't want to give my dog away," But, he has too many so, it's goodbye.

Valerie Lozano and her sister are holding stray cats from around their neighborhood. They're turning them in too. Says Lozano, "I want them to have a better home."

But, in the new year, cats, dogs and bunnies may have a better chance of finding that better home because of the new law, Assembly Bill 485.

Allison Cardona is the Deputy Director of Operations for LA County Animal Care and Control and says the new law stipulates that all pet stores, if they sell or give out a dog, cat or rabbit, it has to come from a rescue group, a shelter or some kind of animal care center. That means no more puppy, kitty or bunny mill animals will be allowed. Stores selling them could be fined as much as $500. They'll also have to keep records showing the sources of their animals.

California becomes the first state in the nation to do that. To that, Cardona says, "California being first in the nation to do this put this law in effect really shows the people of California care about animals and they are aware of how many animals come into shelters each year."

There are seven LA County Animal Care and Control centers and Cardona says they take in close to 60,000 animals a year which dramatizes the need for adoption.

That's brings to a German Shepherd Mix named "Royalty." And, the people around her. They're the Hatfields and they came here to the Carson Animal Care and Control Center to find another dog to join the one they already have at home named Lulu. They first spotted Royalty the other day.

When you talk with animal lovers here at the shelter what they think a bout this new law Jacob Hatfield says, "I think its better for the dogs because the mills are bad. You don't know the conditions the dogs are bred in."

To Gabby Moreno, "I think that's a really great idea because they're just like us. They're like people. You know they have feelings. They need love."

And, so Gabby Moreno and her boyfriend Deen Jabar have a new friend. A little one... just six weeks old. They're taking him home to be part of their family. Meanwhile, all of those we spoke with seem to think 2019 will be much brighter for California's dog, cat and bunny rescues thanks to a new law simply known as AB 485.