New Boeing satellites to provide broadband connectivity across the planet

The next generation of satellites will be launched next week from Florida, and it will change the face of communication across the planet. 

O3b will help provide broadband connectivity to billions of people.

"It's O3b for the other three billion people on the planet that aren't connected to the Internet. I was born and raised in Southern California, you know, having the internet here ever since there was internet, you and I have enjoyed that. And there's almost half the population doesn't have that kind of connectivity. And so these satellites, when they're up in space, are going to provide that broadband capability across the globe," said president of Boeing Satellite Systems Intl. Ryan Reid.

"So whether you're out on a ship in the middle of the ocean, you're on an island in the Pacific, you're in rural South America, Africa, rural Asia, wherever on the planet you'll be able to have that broadband connectivity," he added. 

The satellites were built at Boeing's factory in El Segundo and the first two were shipped to Florida. Another two are expected to go out shortly.

"Once the first six are up the planet will be covered and we'll continue to launch them afterward," Reid told FOX 11.