New app gives users access to hot events for free

No reservation, no problem! There's a new app out where you can get paid to party.

On a Friday night they lined up for exclusive access to a top Hollywood dance class and competition through the app "Surkus."

No wait list...and instead of paying $55 for a ticket...the users for the app got in for free.

Stephen George is a former Groupon executive and now Surkus' CEO.

"It's really a matchmaking technology and we essentially take what brands and venues are looking for in terms of customers and we match them with events and experiences," said George.

Some of those experiences come with perks.

We signed up and quickly got invited and offered $10 bucks to go to a Halloween party and $115 to be an extra on a TV show.

"You're getting compensated through Pay Pal. It's a direct deposit that hits your account as soon as you leave your event. If you're going through LA casting or central casting, you have to wait weeks for that pay stub to come in," said Surkus ambassador Leo Black.

In exchange, Surkus says hosts get crowds they're looking for.

This is how it works- when you download the app and sign up, you also have to connect it to your Facebook page.

Invites are sent based on information you've already provided Facebook in this case: your age.

The app, doesn't come without criticism though.

Some critics online believe they're invited to events just to create the appearance of a crowd.

Others point out the compensation isn't even equal to minimum wage.

But many who participate say money isn't their focus.

"The money is an added bonus -- because I want to go to the events anyway," said Surkus user Sophia Goodwell.

Others, like Rachel Faulkner, get paid a bit more than average users.

She's attended so many events, Surkus promoted her to "ambassador", someone who makes sure events go smoothly.

But even she still says experience is the real incentive.

"I've met some great friends from it and with networking being such a pivotal part of being in Los Angeles and being in the entertainment community, it gives you an avenue to be with people who are similar and like-minded," said Faulkner.

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