Never before seen video from inside Aurora theater shooter's apartment

Officials have released never before seen video from inside the apartment of Aurora movie theater shooter James Holmes.

The video, taken by an Aurora Police Department bomb squad robot, and released by the District Attorney's Office shows a series of boobie traps, bombs and explosives.

Click here to watch the video.

Tripwires can be seen throughout the apartment and gasoline filled cannisters are set up to apparently fuel the fire once one had started.

FBI officials say they've counted a total of 16 improvised explosive devices and four others that were classified as improvised incendiary devices.

The devices never went off because Holmes confessed to police that they were there.

Holmes was sentenced to 12 life sentences for first degree murder without the possibility of parole.

On top of the 12 life sentences, Holmes was also sentenced to 48 years for each of the 67 attempted first degree murder charges, 32 years each for three second degree murder charges and six years for possession of the explosive and incendiary devices he planted in his home to booby trap police. In total, 3,318 years.