Nearly 50 percent of parents worry about their kids' smartphone addiction: study

A lot of parents are concerned their kids just can't put down their smartphones, according to a new study from Common Sense Media.

After surveying moms and dads -- the non-profit organization found 47 percent of parents worry their children are addicted to their mobile devices. And those parents are worried about how all that screen time will impact their kids' mental health.

Some teens in Hayward on Friday admit they're hooked.

"It's an addiction," Bryanna Harris, a senior at Hayward High School said. "It comes before everything. I can't live without it."

But there's an interesting wrinkle in this study -- only 32 percent of parents admitted their own addiction to technology.

Yvonne Cooper said she's trying to limit her young son's screen time -- while working to unplug herself.

Experts suggest parents set time limits on how long their kids can use smartphones. Already, many online platforms like YouTube and mobile devices do have parental controls -- but parents may not be aware they exist.

They also suggest if children are having trouble unplugging, set time limits on when they can use devices and try creating "tech free zones," like the dinner table and the bedroom.