Naked man terrorizes East Hollywood families by exposing self, breaking into apartment

A wandering naked intruder is putting residents in East Hollywood on edge.

"None of us can get any sleep because we're keeping an eye out for each other," said one of the residents in the apartment complex that he broke into.

The unidentified man is seen walking through the apartment complex hallways on North Serrano Avenue. Neighbors tell FOX 11 they've seen the man in the complex at least five times.

"He's running around naked," the resident said.

He's also been known to touch himself, a morbid sight neighbors regret seeing on security camera.

"There's children in the building," the resident said.

Residents in the building have no idea why he even does this.

"We don't know what his motives are for coming," she said. "But we know that he comes in and out of the apartment."

The Los Angeles Police Department tells FOX 11 it is aware of the complaints but officers can't really arrest the man since no crime has been committed. 

Neighbors are worried terrible things could happen to them if law enforcement continues to do nothing.

"What are the LAPD waiting for?" said a resident. "For someone to get attacked? For someone to get sexually assaulted?"

FOX 11 made calls to the apartment's property management but could not be reached for comment before Tuesday's 10 p.m. newscast.

As of Tuesday night, it is unknown if the man is actually experiencing homelessness or if drugs or substances factor into the bizarre behavior.