Metro theft: Tips to keep yourself and your stuff safe

When the doors open on the Metro trains you'll find cars full of passengers on their cell phones. That's what Allan Heinz was doing back in February, when a thief grabbed his cell phone and ran out onto the platform. When Heinz caught up to him the thief stabbed him in the leg several times."I'm really lucky to be here," Heinz says. His attacker is still on the loose and more than two months later Heinz is still recovering.

Metro says stories like his are rare, but cell phones thefts are not. In the first two months of 2022 thefts doubled on the Metro over the same time last year. 

"Sometimes when you fall asleep, and you wake up and your stuff is gone," said passenger Dewayne Tubbs, who found out the hard way napping on his way home is a bad idea.

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That's why Metro has these tips for keeping your items safe:

  • Be alert, most thefts are surprise grabs from riders who are distracted and not watching their surroundings.
  • Be secure, put your phone away when getting on trains and buses.
  • Be aware, trains are a favorite target for phone thieves because there are lots of people and exits.