Melissa Fitzgerald discusses her organization 'Justice For Vets'

It has been more than 10-years since the West Wing went off the air. Die-hard fans are still hoping for some kind of reunion.

But so far, the cast has only gotten together a few times - including for a special PSA on behalf of a non-profit called Justice For Vets.

Almost all the big stars of the show turned out for this public service announcement. So why this organization?

Well because of this woman.

For 7-years Melissa Fitzgerald played "Carol" - the assistant to Allison Janney's character, but when the series ended, Melissa's career took a turn.

After a trip to northern Africa on behalf of the non-profit she had founded, Melissa became focused on the lingering effects of war.

She co-executive produced 'Half Way Home', a documentary about US service veterans and their struggles they faced coming home after the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Since 2013, Melissa's full time job has been the Senior Director for Justice For Vets.

For more information on Justice For Vets - check out the official website.

Follow Melissa Fitzgerald on Twitter: @maffyfitz

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