Meghan Markle's hidden talent? Calligraphy!

Before Meghan Markle caught the eye of Britain's Prince Harry or lit up the small screen in Hollywood; she was already gaining notoriety through another art form--calligraphy. The young actress was earning extra money as a calligrapher at the "Paper Source" in Beverly Hills.

It was a great way for her to support herself in between auditions. According to "Paper Source" officials, she was a much sought after calligrapher and work shop instructor at the southland stationery store!

As luck would have it, this is one of my favorite stores. And I have spent literally hours perusing the aisles, where they specialize in one of a kind stationery and unusual cards and gifts. So who knows-- maybe I met the future Royal? ( It's fun to think so!)

The CEO of " Paper Source" says that Markle was hired for her artistic ability. The future duchess performed calligraphy & displayed such a talent, that she later taught calligraphy in the work shop section of the brightly lit store.

Markle's love of the flowing manuscript started early. She studied it in school. While being interviewed by Larry King she gave a shout out to "Immaculate Heart High School" in Los Angeles-- where she displayed a flair for penmanship. So perhaps it was only "natural" for the future duchess to take up calligraphy as a next step.

As a calligrapher in Beverly Hills, Ms. Markle was rubbing shoulders with some of the LA's rich and famous. One of those clients was actress Paula Patton, who at the time was engaged to singer, Robin Thicke.

Ms. Patton told Larry King that Ms. Markle did a great job as a calligrapher on her wedding invitations and was very sweet as well. So, the next time you're in Beverly Hills, check out the calligraphy at the " Paper Source" - who knows -- maybe a future Royal will have penned it?

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