Massive Midnight Fireworks Show Sparks Local Anger

When do we have fireworks? Let see, umm, July 4th right? Oh, and New Year's Eve! And, James Harden's birthday! You know, NBA star James Harden. The 6'5" shooting guard for the Houston Rockets whose salary in 2015 is $15.76 million.

Guess it's hard to find the right gift for a millionaire so, his girlfriend Khloe Kardashian threw him a party on a big boat complete with a 15-minute fireworks display! To be honest, there were people who liked the display. But, there were a lot that didn't like being awakened by the blasts and booms of the Happy Birthday James Show.

Playa Del Rey resident Christina Chavez says, "I was shocked. It was shocking because it was so loud and it was one after the other after the other going off." On the other hand, "I gotta say it was the best show I've ever seen for fireworks. I've never seen such a pretty show, but on a school night? On a work night? It was pretty rude."

And, apparently pretty scary for some. Izzy Mill told us, "My friend that was staying with us and thought we were under attack."

Meanwhile, Councilman Mike Bonin is really angry. He says he's gotten tons of phone calls and emails from angry constituents. And, while he says the Coast Guard gave it's okay for the boat-party, he wants to know who said it was okay to blast 15 minutes of fireworks and wake people up. He thinks somebody missed the boat on this one!

The upset Councilman says, "This happened without any notice to the community, without any permission or consultation with the city or anybody who lives in any of the impacted communities."

Then there is David MacLellan who says his 3 dogs freaked out when they heard the booms! Especially his Bassett Hound Fred. This is a dog that already feels stranger-danger. For Fred, the fireworks were over the top.

Same goes for Fred's dad David MacLellan. He says, "We went from being sound asleep to being awakened by large explosions which turned out to be fireworks. we didn't know if it could have been a problem at the airport."

Bottomline on this story is the Kardashians' had a part and Khloe put some fireworks in James Harden's life.

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