Man goes missing after night of gambling at Pechanga Casino in Temecula

He's a realtor, a church-going guy and a loyal life and business partner. So where is he?

47-year-old Rich Tyrrel called his girlfriend around 2 a.m. Monday, July 8. He told her he was going to cash in his chips at Pechanga Casino and come home. But he never did.

Now, Riverside County Sheriff's detectives are searching the L.A. area for Tyrrel. They had followed the digital breadcrumbs, left by his cellphone. But so far, they're saying, there's no sign of foul play.

His girlfriend, Marcy Sattelmaier is not so sure. She went to Pechanga Casino Monday afternoon and searched every corner or the property. Security video shows that Tyrrel was talking to a man or two men.

One described by a bartender as having a ZZ Top type beard, and he believed he was a rideshare driver. Another employee claimed to see Tyrrel looking drugged.

"It sounds like one of them took him from there to wherever he is now. It sounds like one of them drugged him and one of them took him out. That's all I know," said Sattelmaier.

Pechanga Casino gladly shared security video with detectives and put out a statement that the casino is always concerned about the security of its clientele. The statement read:

"All of us at Pechanga continue to hope for Mr. Tyrell's safe return. Early Tuesday we reviewed surveillance footage and before even being contacted by law enforcement, we reached out to them to offer support and provide information. In a statement posted to their website, Riverside County Sheriff's Office confirmed our assistance from the outset and verified that the man had been driven to the Los Angeles area in the early morning hours on Monday, July 8. We continue to assist law enforcement in this matter and hope for his safe return. Please understand that this investigation is on-going and we are limited in announcing information that could disrupt the investigation."

Sattelmaier says she's "dumbfounded" and can't come up with a logical explanation for his disappearance. She rules out robbery. He's not a big gambler, and his winnings at the casino didn't warrant an IRS receipt.

Detectives told her his bank account was empty but she said even that's not a lot of money.

"He has enough money to pay his bills. There's no excess money at all," Sattelmaier said.

Marcy and Rich are the type of couple who do everything together. They work together as realtors, they live together, they're getting ready for a big trip to Italy in the fall. Sattelmaier says he's joked he knows her schedule so well, he knows when she goes to the bathroom.

She does say that Tyrrel is mourning his brother in Seattle who is on the verge of death. But that only adds to her concern. Last rites were given Thursday and if the brother is about to slip away, Tyrrel would want to be with him one last time.