Man arrested after being caught on camera snatching purse from woman at Culver City restaurant

A man who was caught on surveillance video stealing a purse from a woman dining at a Culver City restaurant has been arrested, police announced. 

Video, shared by Culver City Police Department, shows a man snatching the purse as he walked alongside the restaurant patio on the sidewalk. The man the woman was dining with quickly got up and chased after the suspect. 

Police say a fight between the suspect and the victim's friend broke out, resulting in shots being fired. 

A getaway car, with two people inside, was parked nearby. According to police, when the suspect and victim were fighting, one of the other suspects inside the vehicle fired one round. The suspect then got into the vehicle and drove off. 

The incident happened May 14 near Culver Blvd. and Watseka Ave. Police were able to identify the suspect and arrested him days later. 

The suspect's name has not been released, but police say he had a prior arrest for murder and was currently on parole for shooting at an occupied house.vehicle. During a search of the suspect's house officers located multiple items of evidence.