Woman gets purse snatched at Culver City restaurant; suspect shoots at innocent man while on run

A woman had her purse snatched at a Culver City restaurant and as the suspects were on the run with the stolen purse, police say one of the suspects opened fire at an innocent man.

On May 14, the Culver City Police Department was flagged down by a man near the area of Culver Boulevard and Watseka Avenue around 7:40 p.m. The man who flagged police told officers that one of the suspects shot at him before taking off from the scene.

Prior to the alleged shooting, police later learned a woman had her purse snatched while dining at a restaurant near the shooting scene. The man she was with then chased and caught the suspect, at which time a fight broke out. A getaway car, with two people inside, was parked nearby. According to police, when the suspect and victim were fighting, one of the other suspects inside the vehicle fired one round. The suspect then got into the vehicle and drove off. 

The suspect that got beat up by the innocent man hopped inside the getaway car and got away without the woman's purse.

Officials did not give a specific description of the three suspects. The car was loosely described as a black 4-door older model sedan.