Luxury goods company seeks person to live on yachts and review them for $1,300 a week

Ever dreamed of living on a yacht? HushHush, a London-based company, wants to hire someone to do just that.

The company, which calls itself "the world's leading luxury shopping marketplace," is looking for someone to spend a week living on different yachts to review them for the website. The lucky person will get paid about $1,300 for each review.

The ideal candidate will live, sleep, eat and shower on a yacht for one week at a time. But that person has to test everything out on the boat - and the company means everything, from plugs and doors to beds and faucets.

The job is on a proportional, self-employed basis which means the person must be flexible because they could be asked to review a yacht on short notice throughout the year. That person could be sent all over the world, according to HushHush.

But because the role requires world travel, the candidate must be 21 or older and have a valid passport. The person must also be reliable, hard-working, observant and have a knack for writing detailed and fun reviews about each yacht.

Job seekers don't need to have any knowledge of yachts, but if you do, then that's a plus.

HushHush said the yacht reviewer could end up writing about 50 yachts per year, which would earn them around $65,000.

The high-end retailer sells everything from cars, furniture, handbags, watches and private jets to "luxury enthusiasts."

If you want to apply for the job, head to