Long Beach man, 29, dies unexpectedly on weekend trip with friends in Rosarito, Mexico

It has been days since a 29-year-old Long Beach man was laid to rest. But there is no rest for Maurice Colburt's grieving family as they continue to seek answers and closure from his mysterious death.

According to family, Colburt died unexpectedly during a Labor Day weekend trip to Rosarito, Mexico with his friends.

"My son didn't deserve this," said his mother, Evangela Thomas. "He was a good outstanding person."

The family tells FOX 11 the U.S. Embassy, police in Rosarito and the bar where he died have been no help in providing answers to Colburt's death.

Colbert and his friends were at Papas and Beer, a popular place for tourists to party. 

"They were standing at the bar and they were having conversation with these young ladies and the people at the bar. And he took a sip out of a drink and just collapsed," his mother said.

Thomas said no one was trying to help her son.

"They moved them out of the way, like I said earlier," she said. "Drag him outside and threw him in the alley."

Thomas explained the family had to do their own investigation to find Colburt's body. When it was time to bring him home, Thomas said the morgue charged the family extra fees.

His death is being investigated as a homicide.

A GoFundMe page has been launched to help Colburt's family. Those looking to help can click here for more information.