Local restaurant throws kids World Series watch party after mom buys counterfeit game tickets

They're not World Series seats, but they're the best seats in the house at Dave & Buster's in Northridge.

The restaurant treated Brady and Derek Horn to a world class viewing of the World Series after finding out their mom, Amy Horn, purchased counterfeit game three tickets.

"All I want is to see my kids smile and they're smiling so I'm happy," Horn said. "It was a good teaching lesson to learn from my mistakes."

Horn's mistake cost her $2500.

She responded to a Craig's List posting selling four World Series tickets and wired the money to the seller.

Horn received an email from what she thought was an official MLB account with a confirmation and order number.

"We told all our friends, we said I'm going to Game 3 of the World Series," her kids said.

Turns out the seats Horn purchased didn't exist and the tickets were fake.

She was the victim of a sophisticated scam.

Horn had to break the news her seven and nine year old sons, but Dave and Buster's helped ease the blow.

"We just wanted to make sure we reached out to this family and of all the bad things that happened do what we could do to make the situation better," Jeff Bollenbeck, General Manager, said.

Not only did the kids get prime viewing seats, game food and game time at the arcade, but LIDS also donated official World Series hats embroidered with the signatures of the boy's favorite players.

Since Horn's story aired on FOX 11 she learned she's not the only victim.

"Some people have reached out to me and said the same thing happened to them," Horn said. "We are going to work with the police to try and bring this person to justice."