Learn the inspiration behind 'The Magic Christmas Ornament'

Keeping up with tradition this holiday season, James Barbato is spreading holiday cheer as a brand new author. Now, you too can flip through the pages or watch the magic in the 12-minute film. 

Barbato says his father always worked a little extra to make sure their holidays were special since they didn't have much, which is why he knows first-hand the importance of feeling the holiday spirit, especially now. Together, Barbato and his family are restoring “joy to the world” through “The Magic Christmas Ornament.”  

“The key message in this is that the Christmas spirit lives within you always and that's the message that will be delivered,” he said.

 Barbato says he has been telling this magical story for years.
It's been a tradition in his family and now, he's sharing the magical ornament and adventure with others. He described this as something we all need since “2020 hasn't been on the 'nice list.’”
“Just remember when you were five, six, seven and how excited you were and that’s really what I'm about and that's what I’d like for Christmas,” he said. 
To hear the full story, you’ll just have to pick up the book or watch the 12-minute short film.  IT’s free for Amazon Prime video members or you can download the audiobook. Part of the proceeds will go directly to Toys for Tots.