Law enforcement brothers share in the gift of life after one donates a kidney to another

Call it the ultimate act of brotherly love. Brothers in law enforcement who are also brothers in real life are now sharing in the gift of life after brother donated a kidney to the other.

Raymond Rose is a deputy and received a kidney from little brother Ryan Rose, a police officer.

Raymond had been diagnosed with lupus in high school, which led to kidney failure later in life. It was Ray's wife Ashley who presented the matter to the family. "Ray needs a kidney," she said to them, and everyone stepped up.

Raymond was also on the California donor wait list for a kidney and said he put it in God’s hands. Ryan said, "I always knew it was gonna be me."

The brothers spent the early days of recovery at Raymond's home, including the Christmas holidays. "I definitely think it brought them closer" Ashley said. They are 11 years apart, with a middle brother who is an actor.

Raymond Rose (Right) of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and younger brother Ryan Rose (Left) of the South Gate Police Department.

Both are in a job of service. 38-year-old Raymond is a deputy at the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, West Hollywood station. Twenty-seven-year-old Ryan was in the military, then joined the South Gate Police Department. "I just love helping people, and it gives me that avenue to help people," he said.

To help them with medical expenses the police association PORAC set up a fund for donations. It's trying to raise $60,000. Raymond's wife is a high school teacher. Ryan is a father of two and expecting a third child. His partner is a police dispatcher. More information about the fundraiser can be found by clicking here.

For Raymond and Ryan's parents, this was a whole other kind of law enforcement worry. Elaine Evans Rose said "it was on my mind both of them being in the operating room at the same time, going through this procedure.

Both Rose brothers said they're still in a lot of pain. Raymond said, "the hero is Ryan. I wouldn't be here without him."