Laugh Factory helping to feed thousands during annual Christmas Day event

The Laugh Factory is helping to feed thousands of people in Los Angeles during their annual Christmas Day meal.

These are the faces of LA’s down and out… in a line that started forming early in the morning on the sidewalk of the famed Laugh Factory

Anyone who needs a good meal and some company is welcome.

60-year-old Robin Ranson, who’s happy to be here, says she used to clean houses in Santa Monica… but now sleeps in her car. 

“Can I ask u a complicated question? Why are you homeless?” “Rent was too high in Los Angeles and I don’t know anything else. I’ve never been nowhere else but here,” Ranson said. 

Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada has been feeding people on the holidays for 40 years.

‘’People go to psychiatrists, they go to see therapists looking for happiness. The happiest moment in my life is in here to give people food,” Masada stated. 

And since this is a comedy club…. Masada has always counted on help from some of his best and funniest friends like Tim Allen.

“What brings you back year after year? I have to do it because I literally can’t understand what Jamie is saying on the phone… I think he’s inviting me to his house,” Allen said jokingly. 
Tiffany Haddish is another regular. As a struggling comic in her 20’s she found herself sleeping in her car. 
“I’ve been coming here since the late 1900’s.  I used to be homeless didn’t have nowhere to go came here to the Laugh Factory.”

Masada says today’s numbers are similar to those of Thanksgiving—nearly a thousand people and there’s no sign of slowing down.