LASD cracks down on illegal fireworks this 4th of July

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputies were out in full force Monday, making sure everyone was safe from illegal fireworks this 4th of July

Even before sundown, you could hear the loud popping sound of illegal fireworks in one Ladera Heights neighborhood. Deputies say that the majority of calls they get for fire and paramedics on Independence Day are for people suffering from burns, typically from illegal fireworks. 

"The main [reason] why we're out here and doing the firework suppression is the safety, said Deputy Chinonso Anyanwu with the Marina del Rey station.

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Every year LASD's Fireworks Suppression Unit cracks down on violators. In Los Angeles County, it is illegal to possess, sell or use any kind of fireworks, including those considered safe and sane. One man was setting off firecrackers in the middle of the street. Deputies explained the dangers and let them go with a simple warning. 

Not only could someone end up seriously hurt, but a single spark could also easily erupt into a wildfire.

"Unexpected, [but] accidents happen," Anyanwu said. "So of course, that's why we want to do our job out here and prevent those type of things."

On this Fourth of July and any other, it's always best to leave the fireworks up to the professionals while you enjoy the view. Tonight deputies were kind enough to just give out warnings. But people caught with illegal fireworks could get a fine of up to $1,000 a face a year in county jail.