LAPD volunteer suffers fractured eye socket after horrific bee attack in Encino

A Los Angeles police volunteer is recovering after a horrific bee attack that was captured on live TV.

On Monday, viewers witnessed a police volunteer suffer what may have been one of the worst days of his life as he was stung by dozens of bees while responding to a call in an Encino neighborhood. As the volunteer, identified by family on a GoFundMe page as Gary, tried to escape the bees, he was locked out of going into his colleague's vehicle and had to walk away from the scene by himself.

As Gary tried desperately to swat away the bees, he tripped and slammed his head onto the ground – all captured on live TV. He was taken to the hospital with a fractured eye socket, in addition to dozens of bee stings. He remains in stable condition. 

On Wednesday, a bee removal company started the process of repairing the wall and cleaning the area. The five filled a 16 inch by 12 foot space behind the stucco. Fixing the wall ment removing a heavy mix of honey, honey combs and dead larva. 100 to 200 pounds of honey comb was removed from the house. 

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Noe Perez with All Valley Honey and Bee says when someone is around bees it is best to stay calm. When Gary started swatting them, that triggered the swarm, Perez said. 

According to his family on the GoFundMe page, Gary is expected to cover his own medical expenses. Those looking to help him can click here for more information.

The series of bee attacks in Encino left a second person hospitalized Monday. Perez said this season is particularly busy for them... all the rain earlier in the year meant more blooming flowers. 

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