Studio City residents concerned over serial exposer at Fryman Canyon

Studio City residents who live near Fryman Canyon are concerned and some have reported seeing the same man repeatedly exposing himself throughout the neighborhood since December 2022. 

There have been multiple sightings of the perpetrator. The images of him are quite graphic and unblurred, they leave little to the imagination.

Reports and warnings have been flying around the FrymanCanyonOfficial Instagram page, with the first post coming two weeks ago, with one follower reporting that they'd seen the same man on three separate occasions, "touching himself," off a trail in Fryman Canyon Park.

"I don't think he's well, so he doesn't stop when he sees you," a concerned community member wrote to the page in a direct message.

Another Instagram user said he ran into the man while with his young niece, who asked her "Uncle what is that guy doing?"

"It was shocking, definitely, I don't want to see that not when I'm hiking," one hiker told FOX 11. "I just looked at him, he looked down, he does not seem to engage with you and make any eye contact, but yeah I was in shock."

While originally, community members reported seeing the man off the trail, the most recent sighting from Sunday, Feb. 19, shows the same man in a chair on the side of the road, in nothing but the blue shorts, with his hand in his pants. 

Posts on the FrymanCanyonOfficial page have put the focus on this man for the last two weeks, but officials with the Los Angeles Police Department told FOX 11 that there have been three calls to the area for similar reports, with the first coming just before Christmas 2022. In each case, the LAPD said that by the time officers arrived the man was gone.

In response to community members' concerns, the LAPD said its North Hollywood Division will be conducting extra patrols in the area.

Residents have described him as about 5 feet 9 inches tall, with black hair and a mustache. Anyone with information should call the LAPD.