LAPD officer killed in training accident laid to rest

"His life mattered, his days have become a sacred calling." That is how a very emotional father described LAPD Officer Houston Tipping’s feelings about his job.

The 32-year-old was honored at a funeral service packed with high-ranking officials and representatives of law enforcement, fire and many support agencies. 

But it was his father’s words that touched so many gathered here to bid farewell to the five-year Devonshire Division veteran, who died during a training accident at LAPD's Academy. 

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Chief Michele Moore has called it a tragic accident. 

Tipping suffered a fatal spinal injury while working as a bike instructor during a grappling training. 

The department is investigating what happened, looking for ways to prevent it from happening again, as the type of hands-on, contact maneuvers seen in wrestling, are part of their training. 

Moore also mentioning two El Monte police officers recently killed in a shootout and a CHP officer injured in an ambush during a traffic stop, saying "sacrifice may come at any moment or time."

Tipping, 32, is survived by his parents Richard and Shirley; his stepfather, Bob; two siblings Kat and Tyler; as well as his girlfriend Brittany.