LAPD officer under investigation for alleged sexual assault of a minor

Yet more trouble for the Los Angeles Police Department.

A veteran officer finds himself at the center of a sexual assault investigation, and the victim is a minor, according to Torrance Police Sergeant Ronald Harris, who says they can't name the suspect, as it would compromise the investigation.

LAPD officials confirm that one of their own is being investigated by Torrance PD, adding that they have started their own administrative inquiry, while the officer in question remains on home duty.

This couldn't come at a worse time for the beleaguered department.

In the last two weeks,
- an LAPD Sergeant and Commanding officer were stopped by Glendale police. The driver was
Booked for DUI, the passenger cited for alleged public drunkenness.
-a motor officer was arrested at a San Diego County checkpoint for supposedly attempting to bring two undocumented immigrants into the country from Mexico, and
-a Van Nuys Station officer was arrested on a felony warrant for allegation of worker's compensation fraud.

No arrests have been made on this latest case, which sources say, may involve a child as young as thirteen.