Laguna Beach City Council votes to keep USA-themed decals on their police vehicles

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Pride and patriotism were on full display in Laguna Beach Tuesday night where a crowd packed City Hall to throw their support behind the new USA-themed decals on Laguna Peach Police Department patrol vehicles.

There was even a moment during the meeting where most people broke out in song, belting out the Star Spangled Banner.

"My first impression I thought, when I saw the police car, was a resounding 'Hell yeah!' I love it," said a U.S. Marine to a full-capacity room.

But apparently, not everyone loved it. The decals prompted criticism from a small minority of the public who said the stars and striped are offensive, and aggressive, particularly to immigrants. But a self-identified legal immigrant at the meeting said:

"The American flag represents freedom, liberty, and the residents who have been offended by the American flag, I have a message for you -- leave this county as soon as possible."

The controversy over the decals became national news and sparking debate across the country as to what could possibly be offensive about them, and putting a spotlight on the coastal city of Laguna Beach.

The City Council asked those who support the decals to raise their hands and almost every single person in the room did, except for one person who raised their hand when asked who opposed the decals. This moment of the meeting put the night into a nutshell.