La Tuna Canyon braces for rain and... maybe mud

It was about mid-afternoon when drizzle started sprinkling over Sun Valley. It wasn't much, but it was enough to tell locals … the rain is coming!

Here, The La Tuna Canyon Community Association has an emergency team up and running .. they'll have people drive up and down streets. Check on the elderly… and, if the situation warrants… help people get to safety. Their Facebook page is the best way to reach them.

Alex OKonski lives in the canyon with his dog Jolie. She's 18 and he's feeling like 118 after what Mother Nature has dished out since the first of the year and the sleepless stressful nights during two storms. He's worried the almost dry La Tuna Canyon Creek could quickly become swollen and the situation could be very dangerous.

Mud is still packed in all around here between small buildings and vehicles on this property sometimes for shooting shows like The Sons of Anarchy.

The most eye popping thing we saw was just a few feet from La Tuna Canyon Road. Erosion from the two rain systems since January took a toll on this hill.

OKonski says, "This culvert pipe got clogged with mud so all the water has been coming here so its been eroding it (Hal: Whats your fear about this?) My main fear is since its so close to the road and we get a heavy rain.. as you can see its eroding away so…"

Scott Froshauer, President of the La Tuna Canyon Community Association says the road's a problem for a lot of things. He says, "This erosion on it is a problem. It's been problem for a lot of things. Its not engineered correctly for hydroplaning so people get in accidents on it."

The people in this canyon community survived the fires, says Froshauer
They survived the fires. "Then we saw what the mudslides did… and some realized 'Oh my God the mudslides might be more dangerous than the rains were'. It's unbelievable.. you don't expect a freight train of mud to start coming down the street and taking out houses and cars and things like that."

Back in the canyon where Alex OKonski he says when the heaviest rains hit he'll be gone. He… Jolie, and his daughter - her name is Alina - will find safe ground. He's worried the mud will just pour down this creek and make matters worse. In his words, he's "Pretty worried about the waterfall that's going to come here and how much is going to be stuck."

And, that road… that's a concern. About that he says, he's "pretty worried… pretty worried yeah…"