LA rapper gets second chance at sight

If you are thinking about permanently changing your eye color, you may want to think twice. You could go blind. That's exactly what happened to LA rapper Kissk.

LA rapper Jermaine Foots aka Kissk wanted to distinguish himself from the competition. He figured light grey eyes would certainly be better than the brown eyes he was born with.

The 39-year-old didn't hesitate to go undergo a controversial eye surgery in which cosmetic implants are permanently placed in the eyes.

An operation that is not approved in the United States. Kissk flew to India to get it done.

At first, he loved his new look and there were no initial complications.

Three years later, Kissk began losing his eyesight. Panicked, he reached out to Dr. Avneet Sodhi Gaur, a Cataract and Glaucoma Specialist at The Assil Eye Institute in Beverly Hills.

Dr. Sodhi Gaur says these permanent cosmetic eye color surgeries performed in other countries have devastating long term complications that include irreversible vision loss that can lead to blindness.

She says, "These implants cause chronic inflammation, severe problems and even after removing these implants. It just doesn't end there. You're gonna have a second surgery, third surgery just to control eye pressure, the swelling of the cornea."

Dr. Sodhi Gaur removed Kissk's colored contacts.

Unfortunately, the surgery cannot repair the damage. Kissk will need a corneal transplant and glaucoma surgery.