LA on Cloud 9 provide Christmas cheer, gifts to the homeless

For the thousands of homeless here in Southern California. Traveling for the holidays is not an option. They are too busy figuring out just how to survive. But a group called LA on Cloud Nine is providing some small measure of help.

Forget Miracle of 34th Street, this year the unexpected Christmas surprise came 20 blocks North on 54th and Grand Aveune.

"They see me coming with my arms wide open for a hug," said Claudia Perez with LA on Cloud 9, an organization that helps donate food and clothing to the homeless.

Perez and about 50 volunteers spent the morning loading 300 gift bags full of socks, blankets, tooth paste, tents, and more. The group then loaded into a caravan of about thirty cars destined for the streets near downtown L.A.

"This is my favorite part," Perez said of when they hand deliver the gifts to the homeless.

"Oh yes!" said a homeless man named Francisco when asked if the gifts were useful. "Hygiene stuff, clothing, water: when you get on the streets like we have, you learn to value that. It's precious."

Those who want to help donate to the organization can visit