LA Kings icon and his family's philanthropy for kids from foster care

Hockey icon Luc Robitaille has found a passion off the ice. It started with a billboard from when he was on the ice. Twelve years later Robitaille and his wife Stacia are helping kids from foster care complete college. It's through their foundation Echoes of Hope.

Robitaille is now president of the LA Kings. When he was a player he was featured on a billboard for an organization helping children. His (then) girlfriend Stacia saw the billboard and excitedly asked "are you working with these children." Luc said "yes, I'm on the billboard." Well, lending merely his name and image was not enough for Stacia. She responded "no, we're gonna really help these kids."

That, let to the founding of the Echoes of Hope Foundation. They narrowed the focus to kids from foster care in college. Stacia saw too many kids falling through the cracks, unable to afford books, and rent. She says only three-percent of kids from the foster care system ever go to college and only one-percent graduate. "Kids drop out every day just because they can't afford the books."

The Robitailles, however, have gone beyond. They consider many of the kids they assist, family. Luc says it all comes with a lot of moral support.

Tae and Tray Thompson are among their success stories. The twins from Compton are both college grads. They says the Echoes of Hope foundation stepped in just when they needed it. They've had a chance to network with other successful foster youth as well. One brother said "I've never seen such successful foster youth."

For the Robitaille's, it's about echoing hope, one child at a time.