L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti: Presidential decision imminent

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti said he will decide by the end of 2018 whether he'll run for President.

"I see so much of what's happening in Washington. Like so many Americans, I'm so appalled by the divisions that I see. I love L.A. The things I love the most are my family and this city."

Elex Michaelson asked him on "Good Day L.A." why he wouldn't run?

"The politics of today are so vicious. I have an amazing job right here. That's one of the reasons I think about it. I could solve homelessness even more quickly if I were President and we had a national conversation."

There are several groups that have put out online videos encouraging Garcetti to run.

Garcetti said he wrote a letter to his daughter this week for her seventh birthday. He said he wants to seal the letter and give it to her in her twenties.

"I said 'if I decide to run, its because I want to leave the world in a better place for you'. If I decide not to, it's because I want to work on this city and be here and be around you every day. It's a tough, tough decision. There's never been a time quite like it in American politics where things are so, so decided."

Garcetti and Michaelson also discussed issues impacting Los Angeles including an impending teacher's strike. United Teacher's Los Angeles members have approved a strike of the Los Angeles Unified School District on January 10th.

"After [Jan. 10th], how do we get people back together?" Garcetti said he's been calling with both sides trying to help mediate this dispute.

On the issue of transportation, Garcetti said he's "excited" by Elon Musk's recent tunnel experiment.

Garcetti said he explained to Musk how to get the proper permits. "If he's paying for it, what do we have to lose?"

The Mayor is encouraging Angelenos to shop local this holiday season. He's supporting a program called L.A. Original.

These are products made in Los Angeles and the proceeds support the Downtown Women's Shelter.

After Good Day L.A. surprised Garcetti with a piano, the experienced player did an impromptu performance.