KTTV 70: Michael Jackson's death 10 years later

Staples Center, July 7, 2009, the body of Michael Jackson is brought into Staples Center where just days earlier the King of Pop was working on his "THIS IS IT" concert.

But, now it was his daughter Paris at the microphone. Tearfully, she says, "I just want to say ever since I was born daddy has been the best father you could imagine and I just want to say... I love him... so much."

And, she wasn't alone. Thousands of people who flooded the streets and sidewalks of Westwood and Hollywood were saying things like "I can't believe it."

Twelve days earlier on June 25th at 12:21 p.m. a call comes into a 911 operator.

"I need an ambulance as soon as possible," said the caller from a Holmby Hills mansion. Jackson was staying there while working on THIS IS IT.

The 911 call continues.

Caller: "Sir, we have a gentleman here who needs help. And, he is not breathing, yet. He's not breathing and we need to... and we're trying to pump him... but he's not."

Dispatcher: Okay, okay, how old is he.

Caller: He's 50 years old."

The call went on for a minute and a half. Jackson's name was never mentioned, The caller says there is a doctor there, but resuscitation efforts aren't working. The singer was rushed to the emergency room at UCLA Medical Center just a few minutes away.

Outside, before they get the bad news, Michael's fans gather, but, at 2:26 p.m., Michael Jackson is declared dead.

Jermaine Jackson goes before a microphone and says words he probably never dreamed would come out of his mouth.

"My brother, the legendary King of Pop, Michael Jackson passed away on Thursday, June 25th, 2009 at 2:26 pm. It is believed he suffered cardiac arrest at his home."

His body was flown from the hospital to the coroner's office for an autopsy. We'll later learn that Jackson died from propofol poisoning a surgical anesthetic administered by Jackson's personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray to help the pop star sleep.

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In November 2011 -- two years later, Murray was found guilty in Jackson's death of manslaughter. He's now a free man after serving two years.

To the Jackson family, "It was almost a numbing day. I was there messing with my bike and later on I got a call."

Siggy Jackson, Michael's nephew, got the bad news from a friend who was at UCLA. He tells FOX 11, "I got a call from a friend of mine whose name is Marcel. He said your uncle is over here. He's dead. I had to call my father. Then from there, my father told me you have to call your grandmother."

What was his uncle like? "Michael was the carefree joy-loving funny dude. People forget - what was it... Men in Black... 'Zed... I could be Agent M!" He also gave the rights to South Park. My Uncle was a clown. He liked to have fun. He just wanted to be happy," said Jackson.

But, 10 years ago on July 25... it was sadness that overwhelmed those who loved him. At the Hollywood Walk of Fame, lots of fans who were in disbelief gathered around a Michael Jackson star, but it was the wrong one.

This one was for a local radio broadcaster. Jackson's real one is inaccessible. It's where Sasha Baron Cohen was premiering his movie. He doesn't want to talk about it, but as one actress at the red carpet put it, "it was a massive loss to us all." After all, for many, he provided the "soundtrack of our lives."