Teen caught on camera stealing kitten from Santa Clarita business

A local business in Santa Clarita is asking for the public's help in identifying a teenager who was caught on video allegedly stealing their beloved store kitten. 

The incident happened at Bulldog Liquidators on Ave Crocker, near Rye Canyon, in Valencia on June 20 around 4 p.m. 

According to general manager Gary Cassan, a woman and two teenage girls came into the store around 10:48 a.m. to shop. While in the store, they spotted the kittens, Milo and Winston, started playing with them and took pictures of them. They then left after shopping. 

Around 4 p.m., one of the girls returns to the store, spots one of the two kittens, Milo, sitting on the staircase, and proceeds to take him. Video then shows her walking out the front door and entering a car that was waiting outside the parking lot. 

Cassan said the teenager came back to the store with the "sole purpose of taking one of the kittens." 

"You can walk in to any shelter. Why did you have to steal someone’s kitten," Cassan exclaimed.  

Despite the teenager being with a woman, believed to be her mother, during their earlier visit, Cassan doesn't believe the mother was involved in the theft… saying the getaway car was different from the car the mother was driving. 

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Credit: Bulldog Liquidators Valencia

"What scares me is that she may have ditched the cat, maybe let it go in a field. If not, we are hoping someone can return the cat for her," he told FOX 11. 

Cassan said they've received overwhelming support from the community and hope someone finds and returns Milo. 

"We are torn up about it. It’s a cat, but they had the audacity to do this."

The two kittens, Milo and Winston, are just 15-weeks old and have lived in the store for about two weeks. Store employees take care of the cats, feed them, and take them to vet appointments.  

If you recognize the teenager, the woman, or see the cat, you are urged to call the business at 661-294-2488.